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Nr 156
TopParken - Résidence Valkenburg ***

Valkenburg - Netherlands

A trip with friends

From 27 Dec - 29 Dec 2023

Nr 148

Hotel Flora Batava **** 

Breukelen The Netherlands

From 16 Feb - 17 Feb 2023

Nr 147

Atlantic Hotel Airport****

From 10 Sep - 11 Sep 2022 Germany RoadTrip Norway & Sweden

Nr 146

Quality Hotel View****

From 9 Sep - 10 Sep 2022 Sweden
RoadTrip Norway & Sweden

Nr 145

Björnbyn Stugby***

From 7 Sep - 9 Sep 2022 Sweden
RoadTrip Norway & Sweden

Mark's Wanderlust

Nr 144

Groven Camping & Hyttegrend***

 From 6 Sep - 7 sep 2022 Norway

RoadTrip Norway & Sweden

Mark's Wanderlust

Nr 143

Aalborg Airport Hotel***

From 5 Sep - 6 Sep 2022 Denmark

RoadTrip Norway & Sweden

Nr 142

Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen-Lent

From 27 Jun - 28 Juni 2022               for work

Nr 141

Linge Hotel Elst***

From 20 Jun - 21 jun 2022
For Work

Nr 140

M/S Color Fantasy **** 

from Oslo to Kiel by boat

From 23 sep - 24 sep 2021

this will be the 3e time ! yes we love it

Color Fantasy operates between Oslo and Kiel and is, together with its sister ship Color Magic, the world’s largest cruise ship with a car deck.

Nr 139

zo,  sep – ma,  sep 2021

Frogner House Apartments - Oscars gate 86 ****
Oslo Norway

Nr 138

Ma, 20 sep – Wo , 22 sep 2021

Scandic CPH Strandpark ****

Kopenhagen - Denmark

Nr 137

Zo, 19 sep – Ma, 20 sep 2021

NH Collection Berlin Mitte am Checkpoint Charlie ****

Berlin - Germany

Nr 136

Vr,  17 sep – Zo, 19 sep 2021

PURO Gdańsk Stare Miasto****

Gdańsk - Poland

Nr 135

Do,  16 sep – Vr,  17 sep 2021

Reichshof Hotel Hamburg ****

Hamburg - Germany

Nr 134

Wo, 15 sep – Do, 16 sep 2021

Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant ByZoo Emmen****

Emmen - The Netherlands



Nr 133

Di, 14 sep – Wo, 15 sep 2021

DoubleTree by Hilton Royal Parc Soestduinen ****

Soestduinen - The Netherlands

Nr 132

Ma,  13 sep – Di, 14 sep 2021

Hotel Van der Valk Maastricht****

First Hotel new Road Trip 2021

Nr 131

Ma,  5 Juli – Di,  6 Juli 2021

Van der Valk Hotel Breukelen****

Just for Work

Breukelen - The Netherlands

Nr 130

do 17 sep - vr 18 sep 2020

Hotel Kasteel Terworm ****

Heerlen - Nederland

Nr 129

wo 16 sep do 17 sep 2020

Hotel Goldener Berg ****

Uber Lech - Austria

Nr 128

di 15 sep - wo 16 sep 2020

Der Vollererhof ****

Puch bei Hallein - Austria

Nr 127

ma 14 sep - di 15 sep 2020

Hotel Pichlmayrgut ****

Schladming - Austria

Nr 126

zo 13 sep - ma 14 sep 2020

Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere - by Hyatt *****

Viena -Austria

Nr 125

za 12 sep - zo 13 sep 2020

COSMOPOLITAN Hotel Prague *****

Nr 124

vr 11 sep – za 12 sep 2020

Hotel Grand Sal ****
Wieliczka Poland

wieliczka Salt Mine

Nr 123

do 10 sep – vr 11 sep 2020

Hampton by Hilton Oswiecim ***

Oświęcim - Polen

Nr 122

wo 9 sep – do 10 sep 2020

Tropical Islands ****
Krausnick-Groß Wasserburg Germany



Nr 121

Arcadia Hotel Budapest ***

4 nights 18 Nov - 22 Nov 2019

Great Hotel ! and in the city center. but not a 4 star hotel. rooms are very good. The breakfast could be better and the coffee is unfortunately not tasty.


Nr 120

Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol****

1 night 17 Nov - 18 Nov 2019

On my way to Budapest for a week I slept in this great hotel.


Nr 119

De Kruishoeve 's-Hertogenbosch-Vught***

2 night 24 Juni - 26 juni 2019

For my new job at KPN

Nr 118

Landgoed Zonheuvel***
Doorn do, 13 jun – vr, 14 jun 2019

For my new job at KPN

Nr 117 

 Apartment Solliveien ****

Kristiansand - Norway

from 13 Sep - 14 Sep 2018


What a wonderfully quiet and beautiful place, in Kristiansand. Beautiful large apartment with everything available. nice modern decor. nice owner. 2 bedrooms, the beds were really great. full kitchen is available. There is a washing machine. There is no breakfast available. there is a kettle with tea and coffee. dishwasher and shampo and good shower. a hair dryer and wonderful underfloor heating. It is clean and tidy. there is Apple TV and digital decoder. Shopping center is nearby. please note the owner does not have a payment machine. you can only pay with cash here. I can therefore highly recommend this accommodation and certainly for the price. We loved it just do it guys!

Nr 116   

Haabakk on Sea ****

Tau - Norway

from 12 Sep - 13 Sep 2018

review: What a wonderfully quiet and beautiful place, in Tau. Wonderful apartment with almost everything available. nice modern decor. nice owner. beds slept really great. that you also want at home. kitchen is present only is this in the garage where you can so to use this full kitchen. Here you will also find a drying rack a washing machine and a shoe dryer. There is no breakfast available, but you can make yourself very well in this kitchen. You can make beautiful walks here. for example the walk to Preikestolen. You are only 19 km away from here. we thought it was really great here, especially because everything was thought into every little detail. there is a kettle with tea and coffee. shampo with the shower a hair dryer and wonderful underfloor heating and a welcome card on your bed. I can therefore highly recommend this accommodation and certainly for the price. We loved it just do it guys!

Nr 115   

Vassel Gård ***

Herand  - Norway

from 11 Sep - 12 Sep 2018


What a wonderfully quiet place nearby, in Herand. Beautiful barn / cottage with everything available. nice old decor. beds slept wonderfully there is only one bedroom but there is still a folding bed available that you can put in the living room. kitchen is available. there is a breakfast shed. only we were just outside the season. but we get breakfast from the owner, which we could pick up at the supermarket in Herand. You can make beautiful walks here and Folgefonna National Park is close by. in Herand you have a port and a supermakt. and there is a restaurant. I can therefore highly recommend this accommodation and certainly for the price. We loved it just do it guys !

Nr 114  

Apartment Krohnegården ***

Bergen - Norway

from 9 Sep - 11 Sep 2018


What a wonderfully quiet place nearby, in Bergen. Wonderful apartment with everything available. 3 bedrooms we had with 2 bathrooms. small sitting room with kitchen. Beds slept wonderfully and it was clean and tidy. towels and bed linen are provided. Owner can only occasionally drop by to get something out of the storage closet. supermarket close by. And bus stop. Pay attention with the car you pay toll every time you go to Bergen Center. about 3 euros but that is in more places in Bergen. Go see everything in Bergen especially the fish market and go up with the cable cars to enjoy the view. And go eat at Restaurant Friday's. I can therefore highly recommend this accommodation and certainly for the price.

Nr 113   

Oldevatn Camping  ****

Oldevatn - Norway

from 7 Sep - 9 Sep 2018


I can really recommend this place. on a campsite in the middle of nature. A friendly owner who is always ready for you. Cottages are nicely decorated and everything is there. with 2 bedrooms of which a little too tight. but beds are good. kitchen available. But no TV because you do not need it in such a nice place. There is no shower, but in the shower building you can take a good shower for 10NOK for 10min. in the evening they light the barbeqeu's at the waterfront near the lake so everyone who wants to bake meat can do that. Tip .. go and explore everything in the neighborhood, And go to all glaciers. And especially go to Loen, with the Skylift up. here you can enjoy a beautiful view and have a bite to eat. (Skylift is pricey) But just do it! We Loved it.

Nr 112  

Atlanten Apartments ****

Kristiansund - Norway

from 5 Sep - 7 Sep 2018


I can really recommend this place. we were in one of the converted shipping containers. what you would not wait for because inside it looks great and everything is there. Beds very good. and everything clean and tidy. Kristiansund is a nice city. there is not much to do but if you do your best. Then you come to beautiful places. is the center is a shopping center where you have everything and many nice restaurants in the neighborhood. of course you stay here for one thing and that is the Allantic road that starts from here. highly recommended. especially if you stop at any place you can stop. just do it! We Loved it.

Nr 111  

Jostedal Camping ***

Jostedal - Norway

from 3 Sep - 5 Sep 2018


Jostedal is one of the beautiful places where I have been, and why is it really recommended. Especially if you are sitting in a house on this camp site. we were in one of the two large houses with everything present. well insulated for in the winter and even with wood storage. the river runs close by but here you do not suffer from during the night.3 bedrooms with good beds. if there is anything just ask Astrid and everything will be fine. Tip.. Have a nice dinner at Hotel Jostedal ! And there is plenty to do in the neighborhood. We loved it .. just do it guys.

Nr 110  

Color Magic cruise Kiel to Oslo ***

Kiel - Germany and Oslo - Norway

from 2 Sep - 3 Sep 2018


Second time ! but then on the color Fantasy from Oslo to Kiel. it was great on this ship again. delicious breakfast and very extensive. It can be a bit crowded, if you do not like it, you can also have breakfast in the Oceanic à la Carte Restaurant here it is a lot quieter. the cabins are well equipped and the beds sleep wonderfully. A must to do once.

Nr 109  

IntercityHotel Kiel ***

Kiel - Germany

from 1 Sep - 2 Sep 2018


Great hotel, and parking no problem for 6 euros you stand 24 hours on the roof at the hotel. there you also have a door to the elevator to get to the Reception. Please note that you do not press the bell too often! they do not like this very much. not too big rooms beds sleep delicious and the breakfast is extensive and very tasty. And good coffee.

Nr 108  

Hotel de la Source****

from 27 Dec - 28 dec 2017 

Spa-Francorchamps - België


Very good hotel, good food so you do not have to search for a Restaurant. And right next to the Circuit Spa-Francorchamps. nice staff. Keep an eye on. if you are by car and it is snowing. for the hotel. runs upwards! then it can sometimes become a challenge to get away. but the Hotel starts early to clear away the snow. there is a parking garage but that is even further down the hill. but there is no snow on your car.
We loved it And definitely recommend this accommodation

Nr 107 

M/S Color Fantasy **** 

from Oslo to Kiel by boat

From 19 sep - 20 sep 2017


What a beautiful boat. because we had a rental car we could only pass the car's license plate. and decided to do that one day in advance at the cruise terminal itself. We only found out later that they had given us an upgrade to the Luxe four star room including minibar at ten high. super cool of course. so it pays to visit the terninal !

We really recommended to go to Oslo by boat. or vice versa. we loved it. Thanks Colorline for this wonderful experience.

Nr 106

Voksenåsen **** 

Oslo - Norway

From 17 sep - 19 sep 2017


Really recommended to go to this Hotel in Oslo. very friendly staff, everything was clean and tidy, very good food, very nice view, and still close to everything. We loved it.

Nr 105 

Grande Hytteutleige

Camping ***

Geiranger - Norway

From 15 sep - 17 sep 2017


Grande Hytteutleige og Camping is located down by the Geirangerfjord two kilometers from the centre of Geiranger. Most people would say it is the best location in Geiranger. Sun from 10.00 and until the evening. 

for us this was certainly true. Geiranger is fun to go, but can be very busy. if you are looking for good you will certainly find nice and quiet spots. now we go for the second time in September so it is already much quieter.

We loved it And definitely recommend this accommodation !


Nr 104 

Tråsåvika Camping ***

Viggja - Norway

From 14 Sep - 15 Sep 2017


very nice location. unfortunately we were only 1 night here. beautiful newly furnished cottages. supermarket 15 minutes drive.
We love it And definitely recommend this accommodation.

Nr 103 

Wild Camp ****

Gäddede - sweden

From 13 sep -14 sep 2017


Very nice place ! For a night. there is a small roof, and a small toilet, and a fire place, if you really want to go back to the basics and nature. Really recommended! just loved it

Nr 102 

Lapland Lodge ****

Arvidsjaur - Sweden website

From 12 sep - 13 sep 2017


loved this Hotel. 

Cozy and not too big.

We just walked in. because we did not find a suitable place to set up our tents. And unfortunately it rained all day. finally decided to go here. How nice that was! very friendly people and a very good breakfast. Really recommended!

Nr 101 

Aurora Mountain Lodge ****


From 11 sep - 12 sep 2017

There is a lot to do here in the winter. but in the summer it is also very nice there is even a sauna on a lake! just ask. Food is very good here. and the people are very nice and always ready for you.

Nr 100 

Skaidi Hotel ***


From 9 Sep - 11 Sep 2017

One of the better hotels. Especially if you do not want to make it too expensive. only at the hotel is not very much. there is a gas station with a small Bistro and a tank store. they are also very nice and are always ready to help you. the food is very tasty but beware, there is sometimes not much choice. But you take that for granted when you are so far from home. Nature in particular plays a major role here. love this place!

Nr 99 

Ounasvaaran Lakituvat ***

Rovaniemi finland

From 8 sep -9 sep 2017

We thought this was the best. a cottage ( Cabin ) for 6 people, lots of space. with Sauna, Fireplace, Kitchen, 2 Bedrooms and a loft, sitting area, and a large table. there is a wood loft for the fireplace (which already contains a lot of wood) love it here ! the cottages are on a mountain very close to the ski slope. Do not worry about the key of the cabin. it's in a key box next to the front door. And the key code you get by Email.

Loved it here ..... ! 

starts at 19:00 minutes

Nr 98 

Vuokatti Chalets ***

From 07 Sep - 8 sep 2017

Lovely Apartment with everything. even a Sauna. Good area for hiking, skiing and cross-country skiing. there is a lot to do nearby and there is even a large swimming pool. Nice breakfast and the people are very friendly and helpful.

To bad we were only 1 night here. I would like to see more of this beautiful place.

Starts at 13:33

Nr 97 

Ammatour Villas ****

Uro Finland 

From 05 Sep - 07 Sep 2017

this was also a very nice place. I did not want to leave. if you really like quiet, this is the place for you. 15 min drive from a few shops. 30 min from a somewhat larger city. Furthermore, there is a nice walk at the Cabin that you can make. this is located on the peninsula close by, it is only a 4 min walk from the cottage. and then the hike starts.

Starts at 23:00 minutes

Nr 96 

MS Silja Serenade****

From Stockholm Sweden to Helsinki Finland

From 04-Sep - 5 Sep 2017

Length: 203 m Draught: 7.1 m Keel laid: May 29, 1989 Launching: November 6, 1989 Width: 32 m Built by: STX Finland


Very nice ship. with a Variety or high class restaurants, Coffee & Co. and Fast Lane, The best seafood restaurant, Happy Lobster, Tax Free Superstore, Desigual store on Promenade, Big new Silja Land playroom for children, Comfortable Commodore cabins and Lounge area
New Moomin cabins, Upgraded Sunflower Oasis Spa

We thought it was a great experience. and with the car on board. even if it is only for a night. Delicious enjoyed.

Starts at 06:33

Nr 95 

Biz Apartment Gärdet *** 

Stockholm - Sweden website

From 02 Sep - 04 Sep 2017


Wonderful to have a little more space. only our apartment was not much bigger than a hotel room.( in our case, there are larger apartments.) but it did have a kitchen. And is very close to the ship's port, from where you sail to Finland. to get to the center of Stockholm, just grab the Metro. this is 10min walk. Here and there, there are some nice restaurants. and at the bottom of the building is a supermarket. you can also easily walk to the ship port. and there is also a public swimming pool nearby. We loved here !

Arrival Starts at 13:50

Nr 94 

AC Hotel Bella Sky ****

Copenhagen - Denmark Website

From 01 Sep - 02 Sep 2017


very luxurious hotel and high end. but the price is just right. super nice clean rooms, and fully equipped. there is a spa just a pity that you have to pay extra for this. very good breakfast with a lot of choice. only 5 min walk to the metro. there are also 2 restaurants. and there is a lounge at the top of the hotel with a great view. here you can look outside for hours and have a bite and a drink.

We loved it here !

Starts at 8:56

Nr 93 

Hotel-Restaurant Jan van Scorel**** 

Schoorl - the Netherlands

From 03 Dec - 05 Aug 2016

review: just relax for 2 nights. and enjoy the beautiful dunes. good hotel delicious and a full breakfast. rent a E-bike just for 20 euro's for 24 hours.